Manage Builder scenes

Export a scene

While editing a scene, press the Download scene icon to download the contents of the scene as a .zip file. In the scene selector screen, you can also press the three dots icon and select Download scene.

You can then share this scene with another Builder user, or edit the scene with more freedom by using the Decentraland SDK.

See SDK 101 if you’re not yet familiar with coding with the Decentraland SDK.

Import a scene

In the scene selector screen, press Import scene, then drag one or several .zip files from exported Builder scenes and press Import.

If a scene is too large to import, try this:

  1. Decompress the scene .zip file.
  2. Look for the builder.json inside the uncompressed folder. Compress that single file into a new .zip file.
  3. Import this new .zip file.

Note: You can only import scenes that have been built with the Builder. You can’t import a scene that was built with the SDK or modified with it.

Delete a scene

In the scene selector screen, press the three dots icon and select Delete scene.

Scene storage

If your Builder account is accessed via an in-browser wallet, like Metamask or Dapper, all of your existing scenes are saved and updated to a cloud storage that you can access from any other device where you’re logged in.

If you don’t have your account connected to an in-browser wallet, your scenes are stored in the browser’s cache storage. They won’t be available if you log in from another device. Be careful not to clear the browser’s storage, as you will lose your scenes. We advise exporting your scenes to keep a backup in your local disk.