DAO Limitations

The most important thing to remember about the Decentraland DAO is that it is a specific governance tool with limited capabilities. Like a vending machine, the DAO is mostly automated. However, this automation leads to limited options.

There is a finite number of functions within the DAO’s smart contracts. These functions can easily be called by passing one of the binding proposals in the Governance dApp, but the process for adding or modifying functions or Governance mechanisms within the DAO is much more complex. For that, DAO members can embark on the path of getting through the Governance proposal process by going from a pre-proposal poll to a binding Governance proposal (Read more here)

Making changes to how this kind of organization runs, takes time and social momentum. This can only be built up through fostering productive relationships and dialogue with the broader Decentraland community by taking advantage of all the social interaction spaces available (The forum, Discord, Twitter, the Governance dApp and any others).